About the author:

John Thorpe (BA Hons) graduated from a degree in Media and Cultural Studies. His wife and mother of his 3 children had mental health issues (who he supported) suddenly died 2 days before his youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday. This left him in the wilderness of a prejudiced, sexist, misandrist world that expected him to fit into the stereotyped role every man is made to conform to. Society added further pressures to his own as it ‘looked down’ on him for performing so-called women’s work; looking after a young asthmatic toddler and two other children. Work which still is not considered as being authentic nor suitable for men under modern day society’s masculine hegemony.

From potentially dying by suicide (sociocide) due to his grief and social prejudices he took on the role of dealing with his young daughter on a 365/24/7 rota of sleepless nights and lonely days. He managed to guide his family into writing and setting up a musical play about his wife’s problematic life which was performed as part of the Camden Fringe Festival in 2015 incorporating professionally trained actors. Now he wishes to share his knowledge and experience to other men and women who are both suffering and dying needlessly under a wave of ignorance.

About the book:

More a bomb than a book: Masculism is like a follow up to Germaine Greer’s worldwide million selling The Female Eunuch (and The Whole Woman). Its aim is to progress societies, save millions of lives each year, help many more who suffer and unite men together to dispose of their ways and divisions. It is written by a widowed father who survived prejudice, terror, isolation, mental health issues and adversity from an indifferent, ignorant and prejudiced society. Using leading present and past: researchers, theorists including cultural professors, psychologists among others both the evidence and viewpoints within are thorough. Masculism contains new unique theories for the twenty-first century onwards such as Sociocide and others encircling socio-psychological hypothesis. It explicitly incorporates and reveals secrets and insights encircling how and why men as well as society really are as they are. From theories and secrets is found what they must do to change, survive and live happier lives both for themselves not to mention how to stop the misery inflicted on their victims from their own reckless behaviours or addictions. Masculism examines undiscussed issues and takes on previously established, controversial concerns.

This is the only book anywhere in the world which can ever have any real solutions to difficult long term predicaments. Never has anything like this been written before. It may perhaps even become the key to the biggest non-violent Cultural Revolution there could ever be at the most pivotal time human history. History previous of it and thereafter may well pale through significance. Its contents will make visible that it is not the mere egotism of one person. Be the first to obtain it. Read its secrets and change your life.