Dear all,

For those living in the northern hemisphere now, Spring is apparently the worst time of the year for feeling depressed and ‘suicidal’ (sociocidal). To a greater or lesser extent, I’m sure this is because many of us feel ignored or abandoned by institutions and current so-called movements*.

*Many movements can plagiarise what they need of our issues and pass ideas and sentiments off as their own. Many use followers as numbers on lists while rarely listening to anything they do not wish to hear or which might confront, alter or upset their lucrative stereotypical significations or blueprints. ‘Blue’ being the word or colour for male stereotypes and more appropriately how many men feel (as in the ‘blues’). Many organisation seem to prefer surveys over any actual idiosyncratic opinions of individuals (or certain individuals). These clearly do not have the courage to concern masculism or legitimate third wave contentious feminism (both of which refuse to back down rather than accept lies or injustice). Masculism and legitimate feminism do not further their own causes and in doing so become invisible to them. Yet already have affected and changed much within the public sphere without any credit or acknowledgement to themselves. In other words, such movements appear uninterested with any issues concerning real truths or so-called hard facts. When many do address such blatant facts, their solutions become merely rhetorical so that they will then either become forgotten about or absorbed / buried. Thus, those who really wish to act then mutate towards less of a threat while in turn having less of a ‘message’ to offer others who need it. Yet it is ultimately such movements which remain primitive or on the wrong side of history. Their actions become virtually pseudo-progressions. Therefore, their overall practices come to be amoral. Why? Because your depression, misery and wish to escape are testament to their failings.

Despite this, I don’t want you doing anything others might become unwittingly propitious about because some might perhaps conceivably prefer you to be silenced while maybe benefiting from your support in numbers. Not that I am saying others wish you to die (many promote support lines). I also don’t want to see you become another passer-by being taught to know your place by passively doing nothing. I would like all of us to shout and make a huge noise to let them know what we really feel and that we are here not merely existing for the benefit of institutions. We are not the ones who are hateful and divisive to such prejudices. We do not believe we are better than others as we appear to some as radical. It is those who follow masculinity who have become unwittingly radical within radical masculine societies. Masculinity is always radical no matter what it aligns itself to and how holistically conceals or passes itself off as.

Even if you feel powerless and the only one who believes what you do, against the apparently many brazenly conditioned nay-sayers, you should always be true to yourself and defend what you stand for to the hilt. Even those who despise what you stand for should somehow respect that you, providing you never back down or give up. Never sit on the fence. That is negative – even though some will tell you that it is you who is being negative. Let others keep their nightmares, denials and misinterpretations of their own lives if they wish to (see HEADHUNTERS chapter in Masculism). We must acknowledge we are ALL ignorant and somewhat egotistical. But being active should not also signify we cannot stop and smell the roses; even though many of those who criticise others for speaking their minds do not pause to do so themselves.

In other words, act how you wish and say what you want. After all, surely that is the real individual you. I’ve lost so-called friends doing this – which has been very upsetting. For someone to misinterpret or not accept someone for who they truly are is an awful thing to experience. Nonetheless, good riddance to cowardice and lack of individuality or even compassion. It is ironic how many expect others to accept them (concerning what they believe and how they act) but do not do the same. Such is cultural masculine ideology. Moreover, such are many of the causes and reasons behind sociocide.

Except for when I am wrong (which is frequently!), I make NO apologies for being ME or what I stand for. Neither should YOU!

So PLEASE be kind and understanding to yourself (as you hopefully you are with others). Nevertheless, we’re not going to achieve anything sitting in silence on a sofa (and thus feeling sociocidal) or fighting against other individuals. It is masculine movements and institutions we should stop never individuals. Such structures are your enemies – not other human beings.

Inevitably, suicide is often SOCIOCIDE. Solutions and academic theories concerning this (as well as all the above) are discussed in my book Masculism – which I have sacrificed much to create and barely make any money from (if any). In fact, I’ve lost money from this and minuscule financial gains (all of which were previously taken from me by my previous publisher). I am ignored by the media. Therefore, its your support I really need. I do genuinely read many pages and comments. You are worth much to me and (probably like you) I want to feel wanted and not isolated. I am simply a father who wants to change circumstances and hopefully help others.

Be what you were really born for. Join me and others. Make new friends. Feel your natural given power, don’t bury it in misery. The worst thing we can do is over analyse situations and withdraw in ourselves towards living in fear. Nor must we let certain movements take control and act for us. We should always be aware of where that path leads to – which is nowhere or sometimes even death. The death of ourselves through drink, drugs, food, smoking, television or even the internet. All can become addictions.

Above all, whatever you do and no matter how serious the cause avoid those who revel in misery or pretentiousness. Its always important to have fun and not take things too seriously. To create a better world, we need to enjoy life and not get above ourselves or others. In other words, we should try to practice what we preach or are aiming for.

Let this year plan itself ahead and fight for you! Spring and summer really is here for all of us and most importantly you. Spring symbolises a time of rebirth but its up to you to find it. I know how hard this is to achieve when you feel depressed and ready to give up (or give into what seems an inevitable option). Find others. This is your solution. Our solution. Never ‘suicide’ (sociocide)! Don’t let those who are far less fortunate win! I’m really struggling to do my best here and also look after 3 children alone against waves of prejudice and fear – please support me!

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